Public policies for homeless people
Rafael de Sá Menezes – Núcleo de Direitos Humanos da Defensoria Pública do SP
Anderson Lopes Miranda – Movimento Nacional da População de Rua
Francisco Comaru – UFABC/Observatório das Remoções
Giovanna Olinda – UFABC student and researcher
27 November, 18hs; UFABC – São Bernardo do Campo – Beta 3
Ruy Fausto: ‘Towards a reconstruction of the Left’.
20, october 2017, Friday, 7h PM.
Alfa 002 – São Bernardo – UFABC
‘Revolution and Liberation’: 100 years of the October Revolution, 50 years of the Arusha Declaration
27, October, 2hPM – 7hPM
Hall Alfa 02, Beta, São Bernardo do Campo
‘Revolution, Liberation and the Brazilian Question’
– Wilson N. Barbosa (USP)
– Rosane Borges (CELLAC/USP)
Coord.: Vitor Schinariol (UFABC)
‘Revolution and Liberation in the South’
– Muryatan S. Barbosa (UFABC)
– Andrea Santos (UFABC)
– Igor Fuser (UFABC)

Coord.: Paris Yeros (UFABC)


First Latin American Conference and VII National Seminar of the Chair Sergio Vieira de Mello “local integration of refugees: experiences and challenges”.

From 23 to 25 November at the SBC campus. More information on the link below: mello /


In the coming days 15 and 16 August , the Open Source Laboratory (LabLivre) of the Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC) will promote the software and Culture Seminar in Brazil, on the campus of São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.

The meeting will discuss issues such as the growing influence of software on contemporary culture, the importance and challenges of free software to the cultural field, the forms of development of management by managers technologies, the internal dynamics of the free Brazilian software communities and sharing software in government agencies.

Among the speakers are confirmed the presence of artists, cultural managers, software developers and activists in the field of culture.

Check the schedule and the guests already confirmed HERE

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Root,  #partidA , We can Brigades popular: new parties, movements, and parties-movements in the Information Society

Participants: Prof. Drªa Rosemary Insured (PUC-SP / FESPSP), addressing the experience we Spain; André Takahashi (brigades Popular / surfactants), sharing the experience of Popular brigades; Fernando Silva – Green Prophet (Root Cidadanista Movement); Elida Lima (#partidA). Mediator: Prof. Dr. Claudio Penteado.

Event organized by the Graduate Program in Human and Social Sciences, Federal University of ABC (PCHS / UFABC), and open to all interested persons.

Date: August 10, 2016

Time: 15h30 to 19h

Location: Universidade Federal do ABC, Campus São Bernardo do Campo – Arcturius Street, s / n, auditorium 002 .



Organized by the Post-graduate in Human and Social Sciences, supported by the Bachelor of Sciences and Humanities, Bachelor of International Relations Bachelor of Philosophy Degree in Philosophy, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Public Policy, Bachelor of Physical Planning and the Program Postgraduate Philosophy.


Amelinha Teles Founder of the São Paulo Women’s Union Coordinator of the Project Popular Legal Promoters Member of the Dead Family Committee and Political Disappeared integrates the Truth Commission in São Paulo

Date: June 14, 2016

Time: 19h to 22h

Location: UFABC São Bernardo do Campo – Auditorium 01

Link to the full event: